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Ronald Moelker

Recorder player Ronald Moelker has made concert tours and CDs as a soloist, with the Bassano Quartet and in various chamber music ensembles.
He played at festivals and concert series in Aruba, Belgium, Germany, England, Crete, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland.
In addition to works from the classical repertoire, he performs his own work for tenor and bass recorder with singing bowls and composes chamber music, including works for chamber choir, saxophone and recorder.
Ronald Moelker was laureate at the International Van Wassenaer Competition, first prize in 1986 with the program 'From Improvisation to Composition' and third prize in 1987 with the program 'Händel & Mr. Stanesby Senior'

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Since 2012, Ronald Moelker has his own channel on YouTube for new recordings.
In 2004 he founded the Bassano Quartet, together with recorder builder/recorder player and former student Adriana Breukink. This ensemble plays on hand-built Bassano recorders after the 16th century up to 3 meters in length and it arranges new repertoire (Classisime, Romanticism and Impressionism) for recorders with a steel labium and large dynamic range such as the flutes from the Eagle generation.

In 1986 his first sound recording (on cassette tape) was released 'Van Improvisatie tot Composition' with Ensemble Super Librum. Several CD recordings followed.

1988 Intabulation and improvisation in the 14th century, Ensemble Super Librum
1992 Fantasie per il flauto di voce senza basso, Telemann 12 fantasies, solo CD
1992 Troubadour and Juggler, music from Occitania (12th century), Ensemble Super Librum
1993 Renaissance in Florence, Francesco Landini and contemporaries, Ensemble Super Librum
1996 Celeste Giglio, 16th century Italian Dance Music with the Lacrimae Ensemble
1998 Jacob Live, Der Fluyten Lust-hof, with Michiel Niessen, lute
2005 G.P. Telemann, Overture, Suites with Il Concerto Baroque
2005 Heaven, Van Eyck, J.S. Bach, Telemann, Brüggen, Moelker & others, solo CD
2005 Flow my tears, Dowland and contemporaries with the Lacrimae Ensemble
2005 J.S. Bach, Sonatas with Riko Fukuda, harpsichord
2007 Talud, own work with Ratna Bauer, singing bowls
2010 Torres del Alma, Highlights of the Spanish consort Music with the Bassano Quartet
2015 Eagles and Seven Tears, Haydn, Purcell, Dowland, Pärt, Moelker, with the Bassano Quartet
2016 Confluence, J.S. Bach, Telemann, Moelker, with Niels Bijl, saxophone

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